Diskussionsbeiträge Jahrgang 2014

SerieDiskussionsbeiträge Jahrgang 2014
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Angehängte Titel01. Fossen, Frank M.: Race to the debt trap?
02. Schreiber, Sven: Anticipating business-cycle turning points in real time using density forecasts from a VAR
03. Fossen, Frank M.: Stated and revealed heterogeneous risk preferences in educational choice
04. Knabe, Andreas: Der flächendeckende Mindestlohn
05. Quint, Dominic: Monetary and Macroprudential Policy in an Estimated DSGE Model of the Euro Area
06. Hughes Hallett, Andrew : New Keynesian versus old Keynesian government spending multipliers
07. Dobusch, Leonhard: Digitale Zivilgesellschaft in Deutschland
08. Beznoska, Martin: Estimating a Consumer Demand System of Energy, Mobility and Leisure
09. Görlitz, Katja: Does Regional Training Supply Determine Employees’ Training Participation?
10. Brandstetter, Laura: Do Corporate Tax Cuts Reduce International Profit Shifting?
11. Hetschko, Clemens: Looking Back in Anger?
12. Heimstädt, Maximilian: Conceptualizing Open Data Ecosystems
13. Quint, Dominic: Is it Really More Dispersed?
14. Schreyögg, Georg: Managing uncertainty in Intensive Care Units
15. Lüthen, Holger: Rates of Return and Early Retirement Disincentives
16. Meissner, Thomas: Do Tax Cuts Increase Consumption?
17. Eichfelder, Sebastian: Capital Gains Taxes and Asset Prices
18. Blaufus, Kay: Self-Serving Bias and Tax Morale
19. Ambrosius, Christian: Do Remittances Increase Borrowing?
20. Evers, Andrea: Country-by-Country Reporting
21. Bönke, Timm: Parental background matters
22. Jurkatis, Simon: Gini decompositions and Gini elasticities
23. Binder, Michael: International Investment Positions and Exchange Rate Dynamics
24. Binder, Michael: Globalization and International Business Cycle Dynamics
25. Offermanns, Christian J.: On the Degree of Homogeneity in Dynamic Heterogeneous Panel Data Models
26. Hetschko, Clemens: On the Misery of Losing Self-employment
27. Corneo, Giacomo: Kapitalsteuern und öffentliches Eigentum
28. Fossen, Frank M.: The Tax-rate Elasticity of Local Business Profits
29. Bester, Helmut: Credence Goods, Costly Diagnosis, and Subjective Evaluation
30. Corneo, Giacomo: Income inequality from a lifetime perspective
31. Nachtigall, Daniel: The Green Paradox and Learning-by-Doing in the Renewable Energy Sector
32. Bartels, Charlotte: The Role of Capital Income for Top Incomes Shares in Germany
33. Hattendorff, Christian: Natural Resources, Demand for External Finance and Financial Development
34. Hattendorff, Christian: Natural Resources, Export Concentration and Financial Development
35. Engler, Philipp: Sovereign risk, interbank freezes, and aggregate fluctuations
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