Diskussionsbeiträge Jahrgang 2012

SerieDiskussionsbeiträge Jahrgang 2012
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Angehängte Titel01. Schularick, Moritz: Public debt and financial crises in the twentieth century
02. Neher, Frank: Preferences for redistribution around the world
03. Bochove, Christiaan van: Anglo-Dutch premium auctions in eighteenth-century Amsterdam
04. Fossen, Frank: Differential taxation and firms’ financial leverage - Evidence from the introduction of a flat tax on interest income
05. König, Jan: Labor market integration of migrants
06. Cludius, Johanna: Distributional effects of the European Emissions Trading System and the role of revenue recycling
07. Brandt, Thiemo: Gaining insight into membership strategy
08. Ambrosius, Christian: Are remittances a ‘catalyst’ for financial access?
09. Ambrosius, Christian: Are remittances a substitute for credit?
10. Fritz, Barbara: Regional payment systems
11. Fossen, Frank M.: Risk attitudes and private business equity
12. Hetschko, Clemens: Nationale Schuldenbremsen für die Länder der Europäischen Union
13. Aronsson, Thomas: Adaptation, anticipation-bias and optimal income taxation
14. Beznoska, Martin: Does consumption decline at retirement?
15. Püschel, Julia: Task dependence of U.S. service offshoring patterns
16. Schularick, Moritz: The making of America’s imbalances
17. Hattendorff, Christian: Do natural resource sectors rely less on external finance than manufacturing sectors?
18. Bönke, Timm: Uneven treatment of family life?
19. Fossen, Frank M.: The returns to education for opportunity entrepreneurs, necessity entrepreneurs, and paid employees
20. Bartels, Charlotte: Long-term Participation Tax Rates
21. Bettendorf, Timo: Are There Bubbles in the Sterling-dollar Exchange Rate?
22. Massarrat-Mashhadi, Nima: Estimating Dynamic Income Responses to Tax Changes
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