LIAISE Working Paper

Monographic seriesLIAISE Working Paper
Year of publication2012 -
Classification (DDC) :320 Political science
380 Commerce, communications, transport
Type of documentPeriodica, Edt. FU Berlin
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Angehängte Titel3. Bär, Holger: Approaching Rio + 20
2. Bosello,Francesco: Assessing the economic impacts of climate change
1. Bär, Holger: Green economy discourses in the Run-Up to Rio 2012
4. Jansen, Jacques: The LIAISE approach for co-designing knowledge on impact assessment tools
5. Carrera, Lorenzo: Policy-relevant Assessment Method of Socio-Economic Impacts of Floods: an Italian Case Study
6. Pothen, Frank: The Metal resources (METRO) model
7. Pothen, Frank: Dynamic Market Power in an Exhaustible Resource Industry
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