Marie Curie Training Course on Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change

Multipart monographMarie Curie Training Course on Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change
SubtitleBerlin, 4 - 13 October 2010 ; architectures for earth system governance ; the distributional implications of environmental change and governance
Year of publication2010
Classification (DDC) :300 Social sciences
Type of documentPeriodica, Edt. FU Berlin
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Angehängte Titel04. Cent, Joanna: A love match, a resource match, a good match?
03. Bruyne, Charlotte de: Governance mechanisms to address conflict in environmental agreements
06. Domazet, Mladen: Food is the first thing, but the morals must follow on
15. Rice, Martin: Can earth system science be a valued element of fair and effective earth system governance?
07. Erlewein, Alexander: Win-win? CDM hydropower projects and their implications for climate justice
10. Labbouz, Benoit: The mobilization of international expertise for global governance in IAASTD
09. Kientzel, Jasmin: Environmental assessment methodologies for commercial buildings
11. Maggioni, Elena: Justice implications of adaptation to Climate Change and its governance
16. Schaffrin, André: The capacities to fight climate change?
12. Mohr, Anna: Correcting biofuel policies through environmental and social standards
13. Naser, Mostafa Mahmud: Global governance to climate change migration
21. Varma, Navarun: Cross-scale interactions
20. Turhan, Ethemcan: Of watermelons and men
05. Dendler, Leonie: The role of product labelling schemes in shaping more sustainable production and consumption systems
02. Andrade Correa, Fabiano de: Balancing the EU Regulation on "CO2 emission standards for new passenger cars"
14. Rabet, Delphine: Hybridization of the environmental regulatory framework in Mexico
17. Schmeier, Susanne: Governing environmental change in international river basins
18. Shioya, Mari: Environmental governance as a political tool to maintain socio-ecological resilience and sustainability
19. Suiseeya, Kimberly Marion: Institutions, cross-scale linkages, and justice
08. Hickmann, Thomas: Private authority in global climate governance
01. Almeida Martins, Rafael de: Coastal cities and climate change
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