Berlin Conference on Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change

Multipart monographBerlin Conference on Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change
SubtitleBerlin, 8 - 9 October 2010 ; social dimensions of environmental change and governance
Year of publication2010
Classification (DDC) :300 Social sciences
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Angehängte Titel51. Horlemann, Lena: Institutionalizing IWRM in developing and transition countries
91. Nchotaji, Nkemtaji Moses: Participatory forest resource governance
21. Brick, Kerri: Meeting a national emission reduction target in an experimental setting
2. Andrade Correa, Fabiano de: Balancing the EU regulation on "CO2 emission standards for new passenger cars"
108. Sauer, Arn: Intersectional queer challenges to E/SIA
8. Bang, Guri: Signed but not ratified
13. Bernauer, Thomas: Is there a "depth versus participation" dilemma in international cooperation?
19. Böhmelt, Tobias: The impact of NGOs in international environmental negotiations
73. Laffiteau, Charles Augustus: Why have the relatively successful attempts to govern the world’s production of Chlorofluorocarbons not been duplicated in other areas of global environmental protection?
121. Tanaka, Katsuya: The effectiveness of international environmental agreements
115. Shalaby, Ehab Yousry Kamel: The impact of phasing out energy subsidies on developing countries
22. Cent, Joanna: A love match, a resource match, a good match?
36. Fritz-Vietta, Nadine: A mandate for local people’s voice
60. Kent, Jennifer Carol: A tough social challenge and a diabolical policy challenge
101. Quandt, Alexandra: Social barriers to implementing climate policy measures
54. Iguchi, Masahiko: Driving to the low-carbon society
57. Ito, Yasushi: The effects of subsidies on diffusing new technologies
98. Pegels, Anna: Prospects for renewable energy in South Africa
15. Bettini, Giovanni: Sustainability science and the Anthropocene
72. Labbouz, Benoît: The mobilization of international expertise for global governance in IAASTD
83. Manuel-Navarrete, David: It's the politics, stupid!
16. Biedenkopf, Katja: E-waste governance beyond borders
133. Werland, Stefan: Policy Instruments for Environmental Innovations
23. Cunha Soares, Núria: Reinforcing the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals through human and environmental rights?
59. Katz, Christine: Ethnicity – a factor?
82. Máñez Costa, María: Deconstructing the stakeholder concept
33. Förch, Wiebke: Conceptualizing community resilience to global environmental change in the context of food insecure drylands
61. Kiragu, Serah: The role of local institutions in shaping climate risks adaptation processes and practices among the semi-arid rural households of Mwingi, Kenya
119. Sulagna, Swati: A study on the impact of natural hazard driven environmental change on the few selected coastal communities of Orissa, India
1. Adelegan, Joseph: Eco-innovation and corporate performance in Africa
64. Kolleck, Nina: Corporate responsibility for global environmental change?
97. Pechan, Anna: Why are utilities reluctant to adapt to climate change?
99. Pereira, Laura: Governance for food security under climate change
93. Obadia, Lionel: The cultural acceptance of ecological policies and consciousness of environmental change in Asian developing countries
96. Palmujoki, Eero: Climate change adaptation and the LDC
3. Avril, Bernard: Responses to environmental and societal challenges for our unstable earth (RESCUE) foresight initiative
34. Friend, Anthony: Nonlinear accounting, concepts and methods
79. Madu, Ignatius Ani: Population pressure, agricultural land use and environmental sustainability in Nigeria
56. Ison, Nicola Mary: From command and control to local democracy
85. Martins, Rafael D'Almeida: Governing climate change at the city level
135. Yamashita, Noriaki: The role of Tokyo in Japanese climate policy - from the viewpoint of multi-level governance
116. Shale, Moliehi T.: Resilience and risk in the informal economy
31. Ellis, Elisabeth: Extinction and Democracy
139. Ziervogel, Gina: South African coastal cities' response to climate change adaptation
14. Bernauer, Thomas: Climate change, economic growth, and conflict
37. Fröhlich, Christiane J.: Transforming environmental conflict through discourse, illustrated by the Israeli- Palestinian water conflict
38. Ganguly, Sunayana: A constructivist analysis linking norm diffusion to policy networks
105. Raheem, Usman Adebimpe: "When the earth bleeds"
125. Upham, Paul: When regulatory co-production is too narrow
50. Herrfahrdt-Pähle, Elke: Institutional resilience in water governance reforms
71. Kruse, Sylvia: Climate change adaptation
94. Oberlack, Christoph: Determinants of the capacity to adapt to climate change in multi-level governance systems - a meta-analysis of case study evidence
110. Schmeier, Susanne: Governing environmental change in international river basins
9. Barkemeyer, Ralf: SustainabilityÔÇÉrelated media coverage in 41 Countries
68. Kranz, Nicole: What can business contribute to adaptive water management?
111. Schneider, Volker: Punctuations and displacements in policy discourse
35. Fritsch, Matthias: Asymmetrical reciprocity in intergenerational justice
47. Guldbrandsen, Lars H.: Non-state actors and environmental governance
128. Vijge, Marjanneke Johanna: Why is there no world environment organisation?
136. Zelli, Fariborz: A new theory-driven approach to institutional interplay
24. De Bruyne, Charlotte: Governance mechanisms to address conflict in environmental agreements
27. Dieperink, Carel: International water negotiations under asymmetry, Lessons from the Rhine chlorides dispute settlement (1931 - 2004)
44. Gnann, Johannes Oliver: Historical evaluations of regime performance on the output dimension
117. Shkaruba, Anton: Integration of legacy effects into evaluation of ecosystem governance
29. Domazet, Mladen: "Food is the first thing, but the morals must follow on"
86. McGee, Jeffrey Scott: Exclusive minilateralism
88. Mert, Ay┼čem: The myths of developmentalism
6. Bahn-Walkowiak, Bettina: Unsustainable consumption
65. Koning, Jessica de: Institutional bricolage in forest governance
80. Majale, Christine: Governance and non-state actors in municipal solid waste management
112. Scholten, Peter: Political leadership in environmental change
20. Brandi, Clara: Climate and trade governance from a normative perspective  
74. Laffiteau, Charles Augustus: The WTO appellate body's shrimp-turtles decision
104. Rabitz, Florian C.: Policy coherence in a multiinstitutional setting
137. Zelli, Fariborz: The interplay between the United Nations climate regime and the World Trade Organization
26. Dendler, Leonie: The role of product labelling schemes in shaping more sustainable production and consumption systems
77. Lehtonen, Markku: Power, certification, and the social sustainability of Brazilian bioethanol
123. Till, Stellmacher: The local payoffs of coffee certification
130. Vogelpohl, Thomas: Voluntary bioenergy certification
30. Eisenack, Klaus: An action theory of adaptation to climate change
43. Gill, Bernhard: Alternative reactions to climate change
62. Kobayashi, Hayato: REDD – potential environmental justice challenges and the way forward
10. Baudoin, Marie-Ange: Adaptation to climate change
11. Bauer, Anja: The governance of climate change adaptation in ten OECD countries
49. Hanger, Susanne: Adaptation in Europe
134. Widmer, Alexander: Coping with climate change
7. Balkema, Annelies J.: An impact assessment methodology for small scale renewable energy projects in developing countries funded under Dutch policies defined to contribute to the millennium development goals
46. Guimarães, obert Pereira: Earth systems governance and sustainable development
102. Quandt, Alexandra: Voluntary approaches in climate policy
113. Schouten, Greetje: Explaining differences in the success of roundtables
124. Uhre, Andreas Nordang: Investigating transnational business power in environmental regime formation
89. Mora, Margarita: Social development and freshwater fisheries conservation
132. Weith, Thomas: Sustainable land management
78. Luthe, Tobias: Overcoming social barriers in managing vulnerability of alpine tourism to environmental change
107. Sahakian, Marlyne D.: "West is best" trends in the Philippines:
4. Azuwike, Okechi Dominic: Nigeria's changing environment and pastoral nomadism
69. Krapovickas, Julieta: Socio-environmental change in the Argentine Chaco
84. Martins, Rafael D'Almeida: Double exposure on the northern coast of the São Paulo State, Brazil
28. Dittmer, Franziska: Towards an agri-environment index for biodiversity conservation payment schemes
52. Huettner, Michael: Risks and opportunities of REDD+ implementation for environmental integrity and socio-economic compatibility
122. Tassa, Dominic T.: Benefit sharing mechanisms and governance issues in participatory forest management-REDD related projects
127. Venghaus, Sandra: Biofuel as social fuel
42. Gigli, Michaela: Zero-emission communities
53. Hurlbert Margot: Transitioning to sustainability in Saskatchewan power production
81. Malone, Elizabeth L.: Governing technological diffusion to address climate change
103. Quitzow, Rainer: Governance for sustainable development as "strategic public management"
45. Groth, Markus: The use of markets for biodiversity in Germany
76. Lehmann, Paul: Challenges to water pricing in developing countries
131. Weigelt, Jes: How marginalised communities make themselves being heard in tropical forest governance
39. Gemenne, François: Migration, a possible adaptation strategy?
90. Morel, Michèle: Protecting environmental migrants
55. Ingold, Karin: How are climate change adaptation strategies put into practice?
25. Dellas, Eleni: Technology transfer through water partnerships
87. Menzel, Susanne: Conditions for the successful combination of flood prevention and river restoration
138. Zelli, Fariborz: Technologies for adaptation to climate change
95. Offermans, Astrid: Learning from the past
120. Suzuki, Masachika: Finding the social, economic and technological barriers and opportunities in the developing countries for designing the technology transfer and innovation regime in climate change
106. Rincon Ruiz, Alexander: Coca (Erythroxylon coca) crops and social-environmental conflicts
58. Kaijser, Anna: Development cooperation as an arena for discursive clashes
75. Lehmann, Ina: Reconciling effectiveness and distributive justice
63. Koblowsky, Peter: Institutional challenges to developing a Nigerian climate policy
67. Kranz, Nicole: National strategies for sustainable development
32. Fay, John: Exploration of the underlying factors affecting the use of CDM
100. Pickering, Jonathan: Global negotiations on climate finance: what role can fairness play?
129. Vo, Viet Anh: Call to arms
40. Gemenne, François: Equity in adaptation to climate Change
5. Baber, Walter F.: Democratic deliberation and the normative dimensions of environmental change
66. Korte, Stefanie: The dismantling of environmental policies in the USA
48. Haldenwang, Christian von: The legitimation of radical change
118. Stevenson, Hayley: Democratising climate governance through discursive engagement
92. Niemeyer, Simon: Climate change and the public sphere
12. Beck, Lucas: Water scenarios for the Zambezi River Basin, 2000 - 2050
126. Valkering, Pieter: Exploring water-society interaction
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