Berlin geographical papers

Monographic seriesBerlin geographical papers
Year of publication36.2009 -
Classification (DDC) :300 Social sciences
910 Geography and travel
Type of documentPeriodica, Edt. FU Berlin
AbstractBis Bd. 35 u.d.T.: Occasional papers Geographie
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Angehängte Titel36. Kreutzmann, Hermann: Three years after
37. Vöhringer, Max: Renewable energy and sustainable development
38. Kreutzmann, Hermann: After the flood in Pakistan
39. Kreczi, Fanny: Vulnerabilities in the Eastern Pamirs
40. Spies, Michael: Deconstructing Flood Risks
41. Enzner, Martin: Carpenters of Chiniot, Pakistan
42. Kreutzmann, Hermann: Preservation of built environment and its impact on community development in Gilgit-Baltistan
43. Dörre, Andrei: Utilisation and Management of Natural Resources in Kyrgyzstan
44. Schütte, Stefan : Making a living in Varanasi
45. Dörre, Andrei: Pamirs at the Crossroads
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