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Monographic seriesKFG working paper
Translated titleKFG working paper series
Year of publication1.2009 -
Classification (DDC) :320 Political science
Type of documentPeriodica, Edt. FU Berlin
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Angehängte Titel1. Börzel, Tanja A.: The transformative power of Europe
2. Elbasani, Arolda: EU administrative conditionality and domestic downloading
3. Gawrich, Andrea: Neighbourhood Europeanization trough ENP
4. Adam, Silke: Bringing the mass media in
5. Heidbreder, Eva G.: Structuring the European administrative space
6. Scharpf, Fritz W.: The asymmetry of European Integration
7. Börzel, Tanja A.: Diffusing (inter-) regionalism
8. Dörr, Nicole: How European protest transforms institutions of the public sphere
9. Hüllen, Vera van: EU democracy promotion in the Mediterranean
10. Lipiński, Artur: Europe as a symbolic resource
11. Börzel, Tanja A.: The transformative power of Europe reloaded
12. Díez Medrano, Juan: A new society in the making
13. Renfordt, Swantje: How international law standards pervade discourse on the use of armed force
14. Saatçioğlu, Beken: Unpacking the compliance puzzle
15. Steeg, Marianne van de: The emergence of a European community of communication
16. Steeg, Marianne van de: Emotions, media discourse and the mobilization of citizens
17. Jetschke, Anja: Do regional organizations travel?
18. Gateva, Eli: Post-accession conditionality
21. Schmidt, Vivien: Democracy and legitimacy in the European Union revisited
20. Saldías, Osvaldo: Networks, courts and regional integration
19. Roose, Jochen: How European is European identity?
22. Budde, David: Patterns of power
23. Yilmaz, Gözde: Is there a puzzle?
24. Börzel, Tanja A.: Policy matters but how?
25. Howorth, Jolyon: Decision-making in security and defence policy
26. Börzel, Tanja A.: Europeanization subverted?
27. Rempe, Martin: Decolonization by Europeanization?
28. Börzel, Tanja A.: Comparative regionalism
29. Garavoglia, Matteo: EU member states’ humanitarian assistance and issue salience in public discourse
30. Börzel, Tanja A.: When europeanization hits limited statehood
32. Ademmer, Esther: You make us do what we want!
31. Meyer, Jan-Henrik: Appropriating the environment
33. Langbein, Julia: Organizing regulatory convergence outside the EU
34. Heinze, Torben: Mechanism-based thinking on policy diffusion
35. Börzel, Tanja A.: Good governance and bad neighbors?
36. Börzel, Tanja A.: Europeanization in Turkey
37. Hooghe, Liesbet: Beyond federalism
38. Hooghe, Liesbet: The European Commission in the 21st Century
39. Khalifa Isaac, Sally: Europe and the Arab revolutions
40. Lorenz, Ulrike: Transformations on whose terms?
42. Dandashly, Assem: The holy trinity of democracy, economic development, and security
41. Ayata, Bilgin: Tolerance as a European norm or an ottoman practice?
43. Bennett, Lance: Grounding the European public sphere
44. Jaspers, Nico: Not another GMO
45. Biedenkopf, Katja: Emmissions trading
46. Torney, Diarmuid: Assessing EU leadership on climate change
47. Krampf, Arie: The Consolidation of the Anglo-Saxon/European Consensus on Price Stability
48. Rousselin, Mathieu: The EU as a Multilateral Rule Exporter
49. Krampf, Arie: The life cycles of competing policy norms
50. Risse, Thomas: Solidarität unter Fremden?
51. Arbia, Ali: Templates for trade
52. Scharpf, Fritz W.: Political legitimacy in a non-optimal currency area
53. Özel, Işık: Regional blocs, transnational actors and interest mediation
54. Geddes, Andrew: Those who knock on Europe’s door must repent?
55. Berliner, Daniel: Follow your neighbor?
56. Geddes, Andrew: The transformation of European migration governance
57. Bianculli, Andrea C.: The effect of trade agendas on regulatory governance
58. Anderson, Stephanie: Mission impossible
59. Hellquist, Elin: Regional Organizations and Sanctions Against Members
60. Dupper, Ockert: Coordination of Social Security Schemes
61. Epstein, Rachel A.: International in Life, National in Death? Banking Nationalism on the Road to Banking Union
62. Pennisi di Floristella, Angela: Building the ASEAN Center for Humanitarian Assistance and Emergency Response
63. Biondo, Karen del: Moving beyond a Donor-Recipient Relationship?
64. Söderbaum, Fredrik : Early, Old, New and Comparative Regionalism
65. Jahn, Detlef: Estimating the Position of the European Union
66. Fanenbruck, Christina: Supranational Courts as Engines for Regional Integration?
67. Linke-Behrens, Luisa : South American Regionalism
68. Stoddard, Edward: So Far, So Functional?
69. Clarkson, Stephen : Primary or Secondary?
70. Borzyskowski, Inken von: Piling on
71. Clayton, Amanda: Comparative Regional Patterns in Electoral Gender Quota Adoption
72. Clarkson, Stephen: The Contradictions and Compatibilities of Regional Overlap
73. Schimmelfennig, Frank: Graded Membership in the European Union
74. Börzel, Tanja A.: From EU Governance of Crisis to Crisis of EU Governance
75. Mühlich, Laurissa: Safety for Whom?
76. Hulse, Merran : Regional Powers and Leadership in Regional Institutions
77. Palestini, Stefano : Development Banks and Regional Powers
78. Mitrani, Mor: The Discursive Construction of the International Community
79. Coe, Brooke: Collective Regional Image
80. Giesen, Michael: Regional Parliamentary Institutions
81. Garrison, Jean A.: Overcoming Obstacles in Global Climate Action from Copenhagen to Paris
82. Gast, Ann-Sophie: Regionalism in Eurasia
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