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SerieFreie Universität Berlin, Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik
TitelzusatzSerie B, Informatik
TitelvarianteTeilw. u.d.T.: Bericht / B. - Technischer Bericht / B. - Technical report / B
Erscheinungsjahr1991 -
DDC :004 Datenverarbeitung; Informatik
510 Mathematik
Dokumententyp/-SammlungenPeriodika, Hrg. von der FU Berlin
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Rechte Nutzungsbedingungen
Angehängte Titel1991.06. Matoušek, Jiří: Discrepancy and ε-approximations for bounded VC dimension
1991.11. Mehlhorn, Kurt: Tail estimates for the space complexity of randomized incremental algorithms
1992.01. Valtr, Pavel: On the minimum number of empty polygons in planar point sets
1992.02. Welzl, Emo: On spanning trees with low crossing numbers
1992.04. Formann, Michael: Weighted closest pairs
1992.06. Matoušek, Jiří: On vertical ray shooting in arrangements
1992.07. Sarrafzadeh, Majid: Wiring knock-knee layouts
1992.09. Aurenhammer, Franz: Minkowski-type theorems and least-squares partitioning
1992.10. Baumgarten, Hanna: Dynamic point location in general subdivisions
1992.11. Valtr, Pavel: Unit squares intersecting all secants of a square
1993.01. Erdős, Paul: Ramsey-Remainder
1992.13. Matoušek, Jiří: Fat triangels determine linearly many holes
1992.15. Matoušek, Jiří: Lower bounds for a subexponential optimization algorithm
1993.05. Gärtner, Bernd: A subexponential algorithm for abstract optimization problems
1992.17. Matoušek, Jiří: A subexponential bound for linear programming
1992.18. Chazelle, Bernard: On linear-time deterministic algorythms for optimization problems in fixed dimension
1992.20. Lo, Chi-Yuan: Algorithms for ham-sandwich cuts
1992.22. Ihler, Edmund: Modeling hypergraphs by graphs with the same mincut properties
1993.07. Gärtner, Bernd: Vapnik-Chervonenkis dimension and (pseudo-)hyperplane arrangements
1992.27. Felsner, Stefan: Maximum k-chains in planar point sets
1993.08. Hoffmann, Frank: A graph coloring result and its consequences for polygon guarding problems
1993.09. Matoušek, Jiří: Geometric range searching
1993.10. Alt, Helmut: Approximate matching of polygonal shapes
1993.13. Blömer, Johannes: Computing sums of radicals in polynomial time
1993.14. Blömer, Johannes: On Kummer theory and the number of roots of unity in radical extensions of Q
1993.16. Alt, Helmut: An application of point pattern matching in astronautics
1993.17. Györi, Ervin: Generalized guarding and partitioning for rectilinear polygons
1993.18. Wagner, Frank: Approximate map labeling is in omega ( n log n )
1994.01. Valtr, Pavel: Probability that n random points are in convex position
1994.02. Felsner, Stefan: Trapezoid graphs and generalizations, geometry and algorithms
1994.03. Nešetřil, Jaroslav: A Ramsey type theorem in the plane
1994.04. Klazar, Martin: Generalized Davenport-Schinzel sequences
1994.05. Valtr, Pavel: On mutually avoiding sets
1994.06. Edelsbrunner, Herbert: Cutting dense point sets in half
1994.07. Dörr, Heiko: An abstract machine for the execution of graph grammars
1994.09. Dickerson, Matthew T.: Fast greedy triangulation algorithms
1994.11. Welzl, Emo: Surface reconstruction between simple polygons via angle criteria
1994.12. Stoer, Mechtild: A simple min cut algorithm
1994.13. Gärtner, Bernd: Randomized simplex algorithms on Klee-Minty cubes
1994.14. Pnueli, Yachin B.: Digital image compression
1994.16. Lefmann, Hanno: Point sets with distinct distances
1994.17. Pnueli, Yachin B.: More on oracles and quantifiers
1994.19. Pnueli, Yachin B.: Oracles and first order Lindström quantifiers
1994.21. Felsner, Stefan: On-line chain partitions of orders
1994.22. Hoffmann, Frank: The art gallery theorem for rectilinear polygons with holes
1995.01. Scholz, Enno: A concurrency monad based on constructor primitives
1995.02. Thiele, Torsten: A lower bound on the independence number of general hypergraphs in terms of the degree vectors
1995.03. Alberts, David: Average case analysis of dynamic graph algorithms
1995.04. Wagner, Frank: Map labeling heuristics
1995.05. Kettner, Lutz: A classification scheme of 3D interaction techniques
1995.06. Chew, L. P.: Voronoi diagrams of lines in 3 space under polyhedral convex distance functions
1995.07. Wolff, Thomas: The moderate approach to integrating concurrency and object orientation
1995.08. Löhr, Klaus-Peter: Verteilungstransparenz bei der objektorientierten Spezifikation verteilter Applikationen
1995.09. Weidmann, Alexandra: Sprachen für parallele objektorientierte Programmierung
1995.10. Alberts, David: Implementation of the dynamic connectivity algorithm by Monika Rauch Henzinger and Valerie King
1995.14. Alt, Helmut: Universal 3-dimensional visibility representations for graphs
1995.15. Horn, Matthias: Improving parallel implementations of lazy functional languages using evaluation transformers
1995.16. Andrzejak, Artur: A polynomial time algorithm for computation of the Tutte polynomials of graphs of bounded treewidth
1995.19. Weber, Gerald: Point pattern matching
1995.20. Felsner, Stefan: On the number of arrangements of pseudolines
1995.21. Andrzejak, Artur: Splitting formulas for Tutte polynomials
1996.01. Hoffmann, Frank: An efficient competitive strategy for learning a polygon
1996.02. Klimmek, Regina: A simple hypergraph min cut algorithm
1996.03. Alt, Helmut: Matching convex shapes with respect to the symmetric difference
1996.04. Rojas, Raúl: Die Rechenmaschinen von Konrad Zuse
1996.05. Maurer, Christian E. G.: List objects and recursive algorithms in elementary topoi
1996.07. Horn, Matthias: Improved integration of multithreading into the STGM
1996.08. Kann, Viggo: Approximate max k-cut with subgraph guarantee
1996.11. Alt, Helmut: Discrete geometric shapes
1997.02. Brose, Gerald: JacORB - a Java object request broker
1997.03. Gärtner, Bernd: Smallest enclosing ellipses
1997.04. Braß, Peter: On point sets with many unit distances in few directions
1997.05. Braß, Peter: Isoperimetric inequalities for densities of lattice periodic sets
1997.06. Felsner, Stefan: The linear extension diameter of a poset
1997.07. Brose, Gerald: Java does not distibute
1997.08. Alt, Helmut: On the number of simple cycles in planar graphs
1997.09. Felsner, Stefan: Triangles in Euclidean arrangements
1997.10. Alt, Helmut: Point-sets with few k-sets
1997.11. Felsner, Stefan: Finite three dimensional partial orders which are not sphere orders
1997.12. Braß, Peter: On equilateral simplices in normed spaces
1997.13. Hoffmann, Frank: Matching 2D patterns of protein spots
1997.14. Briot, Jean-Pierre: Concurrency, distribution and parallelism in object oriented programming
1999.01. Wenk, Carola: Applying an edit distance to the matching of tree ring sequences in dendrochronology
1999.02. Wankar, Rajeev: A fast parallel algorithm for special linear systems of equations using processor arrays with reconfigurable bus systems
1999.03. Faulstich, Lukas C.: The formal framework of the Hyper View system
1999.04. Felsner, Stefan: Zonotopes associated with higher Bruhat orders
1998.01. Chaudhuri, Shiva: On mimicking networks
1998.02. Braß, Peter: On the diameter of sets with maximum number of unit distances
1998.04. Gärtner, Bernd: Smallest enclosing circles
1998.05. Gärtner, Bernd: Smallest enclosing ellipses
1998.06. Felsner, Stefan: Sweeps, arrangements and signotopes
1998.07. Felsner, Stefan: Interval reductions and extensions of orders
1998.08. Faensen, Daniel: Alerting in a digital library environment
1998.09. Bokowski, Boris: Barat - a front end for java
1998.10. Agnarsson, Geir: The maximum number of edges in a graph of bounded dimension, with applications to ring theory
1998.11. Felsner, Stefan: Posets and planar graphs
1998.13. Spiegel, André: Objects by value
1998.14. Bokowski, Boris: CoffeeStrainer
1998.15. Pape, Dirk: Higher order demand propagation
1998.16. Pape, Dirk: The safety of higher order demand propagation
1999.05. Felsner, Stefan: Recognition algorithms for orders of small width and graphs of small Dilworth number
1999.06. Braß, Peter: On strongly normal tesselations
1999.07. Braß, Peter: On the number of maximum area triangles in a planar pointset
1999.08. Strijk, Tycho: Labeling points with circles
1999.09. Faulstich, Lukas C: Building Hyper View web sites
1999.10. Braß, Peter: On the number of cylinders touching a ball
1999.11. Spiegel, André: Object graph analysis
1999.13. Wankar, Rajeev: An efficient parallel algorithm for the all pairs shortest path problem using processor arrays with reconfigurable bus systems
1999.15. Hinze, Annika: A unified model of internet scale alerting services
1999.16. Caumanns, Jörg: A fast and simple stemming algorithm for German words
1999.17. Wankar, Rajeev: Implementation of a parallel algorithm for the symmetric positive definite systems of equations on the CRAY-T3E
1999.18. Braß, Peter: Testing the congruence of d-dimensional point sets
1999.21. Hoffmann, Frank: A simple and robust geometric algorithm for landmark registration in computer assisted neurosurgery
2000.02. Braß, Peter: On the nonexistence of Hausdorff like metrics for fuzzy sets
2000.04. Lassak, Marek: On-line algorithms for q-adic covering of the unit interval and for covering a cube by cubes
2000.05. Wankar, Rajeev: A constant time parallel algorithm for the triangularization of a sparse matrix using CD-PARBS
2000.07. Maurer, Christian: Lerninhalte und -ziele im Informatikunterricht der gymnasialen Oberstufe
2000.08. Lassak, Marek: Relationships between widths of a convex body and of an inscribed parallelotope
2000.09. Maurer, Christian: Universal synchronization objects
2000.10. Kapoor, Vikas: A generic design concept for geometric algorithms
2000.11. Efrat, Alon: Covering shapes by ellipses for the computer analysis of protein patterns
2000.13. Braß, Peter: Fast enumeration of point hyperplane incidences
2000.15. Felsner, Stefan: Convex drawings of planar graphs and the order dimension of 3-polytopes
2000.16. Felsner, Stefan: Hamiltonicity and colorings of arrangement graphs
2000.18. Alt, Helmut: Storage area network optimization
2000.19. Heinrich-Litan, Laura: Monotone subsequences in Rd
2000.21. Braß, Peter: On finding maximum cardinality symmetric subsets
2001.01. Felsner, Stefan: Infeasibility of systems of halfspaces
2001.02. Schlieder, Torsten: ApproXQL
2001.03. Faulstich, Lukas C.: Efficient multi-profile filtering using finite automata
1991.13. Löhr, Klaus-Peter: Concurrency Annotations and Reusability
1994.08. Dörr, Heiko: Bypass strong V-structures and find an isomorphic labelled subgraph in linear time
1996.06. Grable, David A.: Nearly optimal distributed edge colouring in O(log log n) rounds
1996.09. Maurer, Christian: Didaktische Überlegungen zur Unlösbarkeit des Halteproblems und seinen Bezug zur Russellschen Antinomie
1998.12. Felsner, Stefan: Dimension, graph and hypergraph coloring
1999.22. Lassak, Marek: Approximation of convex bodies by rhombi and by other axially symmetric bodies
2003.05. Löhr, Klaus-Peter: Object-oriented program animation using JAN
2003.06. Hinze, Annika: Combining even notification services and location-based services in tourism
2003.07. Draheim, Dirk: Analytical processing of version control data
2003.08. Tolksdorf, Robert: XMLSpaces.NET
2003.13. Cuevas, Erik V: Competitive neural networks applied to face localization
2003.15. Cuevas, Erik V.: Intelligent tracking
2003.16. Cuevas, Erik V.: Neurofuzzy prediction for visual tracking
2002.02. Conelly, Robert: Straightening polygonal arcs and convexifying polygonal cycles
2002.05. Draheim, Dirk: Strongly complex typed, dialogue oriented server pages
2002.06. Draheim, Dirk: An introduction to form storyboarding
2002.07. Draheim, Dirk: An overview of state of the art architectures for active web sites
2002.08. Draheim, Dirk: Form charts and dialogue constraints
2002.09. Draheim, Dirk: An introduction to state history diagrams
2002.10. Hinze, Annika: A flexible parameter dependent algebra for event notification services
2002.11. Draheim, Dirk: The definition of the NSP type system
2004.01. Draheim, Dirk: A framework for multi-tier type evolution and data migration
2004.02. Draheim, Dirk: An analytical comparison of generative programming technologies
2004.05. Theimer, Florian: Automatische Handschriftenerkennung in E-Kreide Dokumenten
2004.06. Friedland, Gerald: Evaluationsergebnisse zum Einsatz des E-Kreide Systems im Wintersemester 2003/2004
2004.07. Jantz, Kristian: Trennung von Dozenten und Tafel in einem E-Kreide Video
2004.08. Kroupina, Olga: A survey of compartmental modelling packages
2004.09. Cuevas, Eric: Fuzzy segmentation applied to face segmentation
2004.10. Draheim, Dirk: Source code independent reverse engineering of dynamic web sites
2004.11. Tolksdorf, Robert: Semantic web spaces
2004.12. Mei, Jing: Reasoning paradigms for OWL ontologies
2004.13. Friedland, Gerald: SOPA - a self organizing processing and streaming architecture
2004.14. Friedland, Gerald: Towards automatized studioless audio recording
2004.16. Bittner, Sven: Heterogeneous mobility models and their impact on data dissemination in mobile ad-hoc networks
2004.17. Esponda, Margarita: Trends in hardware architecture for mobile devices
2004.18. Cuevas, Eric: Walking trajectory control for a biped robot
2004.19. Cuevas, Eric: Bipedal robot description
2004.30. Paslaru Bontas, Elena: Context representation and usage for the semantic web
2005.01. Mei, Jing: Reasoning paradigms for SWRL-enabled ontologies
2005.02. Lenz, Tobias: Simple reconstruction of non-simple curves
2005.03. Paslaru Bontas, Elena: A cost model for ontology engineering
2005.04. Friedland, Gerald: Experiments on lecturer segmentation using texture classification and a 3D camera
2005.05. Knauer, Christian: Shortest inspection-path queries in simple polygons
2005.06. Knauer, Christian: Minimum dilation triangulations
2005.07. Friedland, Gerald: Image segmentation by uniform color clustering
2005.08. Mochol, Malgorzata: A metadata-based generic matching framework for web ontologies
2005.09. Cuevas, Erik: Computer vision using MatLAB and the toolbox of image processing
2005.11. Klein, Oliver: Approximation algorithms for the earth mover's distance under transformations using reference points
2005.12. Cuevas, Erik V.: Kalman filter for vision tracking
2005.13. Cuevas, Erik V.: Particle filter in vision tracking
2005.14. Paslaru Bontas, Elena: A conceptual model for Semantic Web Spaces
2005.15. Paslaru Bontas, Elena: Using semantic web spaces to realize ontology repositories
2005.19. Friedland, Gerald: Cut & paste
2005.20. Paslaru Bontas, Elena: How much does it cost?
2005.22. Böse, Joos-Hendrik: Optimistic fair transaction processing in mobile ad-hoc networks
2006.01. Paslaru Bontas, Elena: Ontology Engineering Cost Estimation with ONTOCOM
2006.02. Prechelt, Lutz: Actual process
2006.04. Tapia, Ernesto: A neural architecture for blind source separation
2006.05. Jankovic, Benjamin: Experiments on using MPEG-4 for broadcasting electronic chalkboard lectures
2006.06. Friedland, Gerald: Extending the SIOX algorithm
2006.09. Santrac, Neven: High resolution segmentation with a time-of-flight 3D-camera using the example of a lecture scene
2006.11. Prechelt, Lutz: Plat_Forms
2007.01. Tapia, Ernesto: A survey on recognition of on-line handwritten mathematical notation
2007.02. Block, Marco: SITT
2007.03. Prechelt, Lutz: Plat_Forms 2007 task
2007.04. Block, Marco: Adaptive Textzeilensegmentierung zur Lösung des Vice Versa-Problems
2007.06. Bauer, Markus: Accurate multiple sequence-structure alignment of RNA sequences using combinatorial optimization
2007.07. Bauer, Markus: An exact mathematical programming approach to multiple RNA sequence-structure alignment
2007.10. Prechelt, Lutz: Plat_Forms 2007
2007.14. Hardy, Will: Comparing web development platforms through the eyes of professional developers
2007.15. Esponda, Margarita: Streaming databases for audio and video
2008.04. Esponda-Argüero, Margarita: Social editing of video recordings of lectures
2008.05. Oezbek, Christopher: Information management as an explicit role in OSS projects
2008.07. Böse, Jan-Hendrik: Abort and blocking risks of atomic transactions in mobile ad-hoc networks
2008.09. Coskun, Gökhan: Towards corporate semantic web
2008.10. Güneş, Mesut: Concept and design of the hybrid distributed embedded systems testbed
2008.11. Güneş, Mesut: Practical issues of implementing a hybrid multi-NIC wireless mesh-network
2008.13. Block, Marco: Entzerrung von Textdokumenten unter Verwendung von Thin-Plate-Spline
2008.14. Wählisch, Matthias: Scalable adaptive group communication on bi-directional shared prefix trees
2008.15. Baar, Michael: The ScatterWeb MSB-A2 platform for wireless sensor networks
2008.16. Czerwionka, Paul: Maschinelles Spielen im Klassiker Asteroids
2008.17. Prechelt, Lutz: 7 types of cooperation episodes in side-by-side programming
2008.18. Kumar, Pardeep: MAC protocols for low-latency and energy-efficient WSN applications
1998.03. Eichhoff, Matthias: Must all mathematicians be platonists?
1999.19. Felsner, Stefan: On the complexity of partial order properties
1998.17. Dahm, Markus: Byte code engineering
2000.06. Braß, Peter: Triangles of extremal area or perimeter in a finite planar point seit
2000.14. Rojas, Raúl: The robotic soccer turing test
2000.17. Rojas, Raúl: Elektronische Kreide
2000.22. Richter-Gebert, Jürgen: Complexity issues in dynamic geometry
2001.08. Efrat, Alon: Covering with ellipses
2004.20. Block, Marco: Schach spielen auf einer elektronischen Tafel
2009.01. Schmidt, Jens M.: Construction sequences and certifying 3-Connectedness
2009.17. Hahn, Katharina: Flexible workflows to support transactional service composition in mobile environments
2000.03. Rojas, Raúl: Plankalkül
2005.21. Block, Marco: Das Schachprojekt FUSc#
2007.11. Landgraf, Tim: Tracking honey bee dances from sparse optical flow fields
2010.01. Oezbek, Christopher: Introducing automated regression testing in Open Source projects
1994.18. Aichholzer, Oswin: Matching shapes with a reference point
1995.18. Srivastav, Anand: Tight approximations for resource constrained scheduling and bin packing
1995.17. Srivastav, Anand: Algorithmic Chernoff-Hoeffding inequalities in integer programming
1995.12. Schumann, Jutta: Effektivität von Computergraphiken in vorläufigen Präsentationen
1999.12. Ackers, Peter: The soul of a new machine
2000.20. Braß, Peter: Problems on approximation by triangles
2010.02. Reinecke, Philipp: A survey on fault-models for QoS studies of service-oriented systems
2009.03. Cohen, Nathann: On Wiener index of graphs and their line graphs
2010.02. Wang, Miao: Remote controlling an autonomous car with an iPhone
2010.03. Wang, Miao: Driving an autonomous car with eye tracking
2010.04. Schmidt, Jens M.: Contractions, removals and certifying 3-connectivity in linear time
2010.05. Paschke, Adrian: Realizing the corporate semantic web
2009.05. Paschke, Adrian: Realizing the corporate semantic web
2010.06. Holtgrewe, Manuel: Mason
2011.01. Juraschek, Felix: State-of-the-art of distributed channel assignment
2011.02. Blywis, Bastian: Properties and topology of the DES-Testbed
2011.04. Blywis, Bastian: Properties and topology of the DES-Testbed
2011.05. Reinecke, Philipp: NetemCG – IP packet-loss injection using a continuous-time Gilbert model
2011.07. Paschke, Adrian: Corporate semantic web report IV
2011.06. Blywis, Bastian: A survey of flooding, gossip routing, and related schemes for wireless multi-hop networks
2011.08. Blywis, Bastian: Gossip routing, percolation, and restart in wireless multi-hop networks
2011.09. Luczak-Rösch, Markus: How are people engineering linked data?
2012.02. Demmler, Stefanie: Das BusinessplanLab@FUB
2012.03. Beck, Clemens: Simulierte Unternehmensgründung in der IT-Branche
2012.04. Paschke, Adrian: Corporate semantic web report V
2012.07. Wißler, Lars: Ontologien im Trend Mining
2013.02. Tapia, Ernesto: A note on calibration of video cameras for autonomous vehicles with optical flow
2012.06. Göhring, Daniel: Controller architecture for the autonomous cars
2009.04. Koske, Sebastian: Swarm Approaches For Semantic Triple Clustering And Retrieval In Distributed RDF Spaces
2009.07. Tapia, Ernesto: A Note on the Computation of Haar-Based Features for High-Dimensional Images
2009.08. Kulick, Johannes: General Game Playing mit stochastischen Spielen
2009.10. Meißner, Lutz: Polygonal Chains with pairwise identical Hausdorff Distance
2008.06. Graff, Daniel: Implementation and Evaluation of a SwarmLinda System
2013.01. Paschke, Adrian: Corporate Semantic Web Report VI
2013.03. Tolksdorf, Robert: Initial report on digitally researching the network drawings of Mark Lombardi
2016.02.. Schäfermeier, Ralph: Corporate Smart Content Evaluation
2013.04. Heyn, Velten: Semantic Jira - Semantic Expert Finder in the Bug Tracking Tool Jira
2014.01. Prechelt, Lutz: bflinks: Reliable Bugfix links via bidirectional references and tuned heuristics
2014.02. Paschke, Adrian: Corporate Smart Content
2014.03. Maischak, Lukas: Lane Localization for Autonomous Model Cars
2015.01. Busjahn, Teresa: Eye Movements in Programming Education II
2015.02. Paschke, Adrian: Corporate Smart Content
2015.03. Hasan, Ahmad : Report III on Knowledge-based Mining of Complex Event Patterns: Complex Event Extraction from Real-Time News Streams
2016.01. Hasan, Ahmad : Designs and Prototype
2017.01. Karam, Naouel: The GFBio Terminology Service
2017.02. Tamm, Sascha : Eye Movements in Programming
2017.03. Breitenfeld, Andre : A State-of-the-Art Review of Semantic Annotation Tools
2018.02. Khiat, Abderrahmane: Innovonto: An Enhanced Crowd Ideation Platform with Semantic Annotation (Hallway Test)
2018.01. Al Qundus, Jamal: Technical Analysis of the Social Media Platform Genius
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