SFB Governance working paper series / Englische Ausgabe

SerieSFB Governance working paper series / Englische Ausgabe
DDC :321 Staats- und Regierungsformen
Dokumententyp/-SammlungenPeriodika, Hrg. von der FU Berlin
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Angehängte Titel1. Risse, Thomas: Governance in areas of limited statehood - new modes of governance?
2. Draude, Anke: How to capture non-Western forms of governance
6. Schäferhoff, Marco: Transnational public-private partnerships in international relations
7. Koehler, Jan: Assessing the contribution of international actors in Afghanistan
9. Hönke, Jana: Fostering environmental regulation? Corporate social responsibility in countries with weak regulatory capacites
10. Benecke, Gudrun: From public-private partnership to market
14. Beisheim, Marianne: Procedural legitimacy and private transnational governance
18. Börzel, Tanja A.: The European Union and the promotion of good governance in its near abroad
20. Mueller-Debus, Anna Kristin: Governing HIV/AIDS in South Africa
21. Schneckener, Ulrich: Spoilers or governance actors?
23. Börzel, Tanja A.: Governance with/out Government
25. Börzel, Tanja A.: From compliance to practice
26. Schmelzle, Cord: Evaluating governance
27. Jacob, Daniel: Human rights obligations of non-state actors in areas of limited statehood
29. Börzel, Tanja A.: How much statehood does it take – and what for?
30. Rinke, Stefan: Appropriation and Resistance Mechanisms in (Post-) Colonial Constellations of Actors
31. Hönke, Jana: Governance for whom?
32. Risse, Thomas: Governance Configurations in Areas of Limited Statehood
33. Koehler, Jan: Social Order within and beyond the Shadow of Hierarchy
35. Eimer, Thomas R.: When Modern Science Meets Traditional Knowledge
37. Schüren, Verena: Two TRIPs to Innovation
38. Livingston, Steven: Information and Communication Technologies in Areas of Limited Statehood
39. Ickler, Christian: New Method, Different War?
40. Willms, Jan: Justice through Armed Groups' Governance – An Oxymoron?
41. Goikhman, Izabella: The Governance Discourse in China
42. Börzel, Tanja: Governance Transfer by Regional Organizations
43. Böhnke, Jan: Assessing the Impact of Development Cooperation in Northeast Afghanistan
55. Chojnacki, Sven: Material Determinism and Beyond
56. Börzel, Tanja A.: The EU’s Governance Transfer
62. Krieger, Heike: A Turn to Non-State Actors: Inducing Compliance with International Humanitarian Law in War-Torn Areas of Limited Statehood
34. Kötter, Matthias: Non-State Justice Institutions
45. Lee, Melissa : The Pillars of Governance
59. Börzel, Tanja A. : External State-Building and Why Norms Matter
60. Kode, Johannes : On the Social Conditions of Governance
61. Kocak, Deniz: Security Sector Reconstruction in a Post-Conflict Country
62. Krieger, Heike: A Turn to Non-State Actors
63. Daxner, Michael: Higher Education in Afghanistan
65. Hönke, Jana: Restraint of Statehood and the Quality of Governance by Multinational Companies in Sub-Saharan Africa
66. Ickler, Christian: Limits of Control
67. Risse, Thomas: Dysfunctional Institutions, Social Trust, and Governance in Areas of Limited Statehood
68. Beisheim, Marianne: Meta-Governance of Partnerships for Sustainable Development - Actors’ Perspectives on How the UN Could Improve Partnerships’ Governance Services in Areas of Limited Statehood
69. Livingston, Steven: Digital Affordances and Human Rights Advocacy
70. Linke-Behrens, Luisa: External Authority - Compensation for Limited Statehood in the Provision of Collective Goods?
71. Linke-Behrens, Luisa: Measuring Statehood on a Sub-National Level
72. Eickhoff, Karoline : Conflict Prevention and the Legitimacy of Governance Actors
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