Crystal structures of the Arabidopsis thaliana organellar RNA editing factors MORF1 and MORF9
Haag, Sascha ;  Schindler, Magdalena ;  Berndt, Leona ;  Brennicke, Axel ;  Takenaka, Mizuki ;  Weber, Gert

HaupttitelCrystal structures of the Arabidopsis thaliana organellar RNA editing factors MORF1 and MORF9
AutorHaag, Sascha
AutorSchindler, Magdalena
AutorBerndt, Leona
AutorBrennicke, Axel
AutorTakenaka, Mizuki
AutorWeber, Gert
Seitenzahl14 S.
Freie Schlagwörteryeast one/two-hybrid system; mitochondria; angiosperms; arabidopsis; chloroplasts; dimerization; ferredoxin; hydrophobicity; ligase ;plastids rna; editing rna; plant; transfer rna; uracil; yeasts; rna; crystal structure; dimers
DDC572 Biochemie
Auch erschienen inNucleic Acids Res. - 45 (2017), 8, S. 4915-4928
ZusammenfassungIn flowering plant plastids and mitochondria, multiple organellar RNA editing factor (MORF/RIP) proteins are required at most sites for efficient C to U RNA editing catalyzed by the RNA editosome. MORF proteins harbor a conserved stretch of residues (MORF-box), form homo- and heteromers and interact with selected PPR (pentatricopeptide repeat) proteins, which recognize each editing site. The molecular function of the MORF-box remains elusive since it shares no sequence similarity with known domains. We determined structures of the A. thaliana mitochondrial MORF1 and chloroplast MORF9 MORF-boxes which both adopt a novel globular fold (MORF domain). Our structures state a paradigmatic model for MORF domains and their specific dimerization via a hydrophobic interface. We cross-validate the interface by yeast two-hybrid studies and pulldown assays employing structure-based mutants. We find a structural similarity of the MORF domain to an N-terminal ferredoxin-like domain (NFLD), which confers RNA substrate positioning in bacterial 4-thio-uracil tRNA synthetases, implying direct RNA contacts of MORF proteins during RNA editing. With the MORF1 and MORF9 structures we elucidate a yet unknown fold, corroborate MORF interaction studies, validate the mechanism of MORF multimerization by structure-based mutants and pave the way towards a complete structural characterization of the plant RNA editosome.
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