Tracheophyte Phylogeny Vascular Plants
Cole, Theodor C.H. ;  Hilger, Hartmut H. ;  Cole, Theodor C.H. ;  Hilger, Hartmut H.

Main titleTracheophyte Phylogeny Vascular Plants
SubtitleSystematics and Chatacteristics
AuthorCole, Theodor C.H.
AuthorHilger, Hartmut H.
EditorCole, Theodor C.H.
EditorHilger, Hartmut H.
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AbstractThe "Tracheophyte Phylogeny Poster – Vascular Plants - Systematics and Characteristics" is an educational tool presenting an overview of the evolutionary relationships among non-flowering vascular plants (lycophytes, monilophytes, and gymnosperms). The phylogenetic tree depicts the orders and families (lycophytes and monilophytes) and the genera of gymnosperms, listing the main apomorphies and plesiomorphies as well as diagnostic and nondiagnostic anatomical and morphological features within the tree. The intuitive color-coding facilitates memorization and teaching.

Translations of the poster by internationally renown botanists in various world languages is in progress.

This is one in a series of three educational posters on the phylogeny of land plants: Poster 1: "Angiosperms", Poster 2: "Tracheophytes: Lycophytes, Ferns, Gymnosperms", Poster 3: "Bryophytes: Liverworts, Mosses, Hornworts".
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