iDriver - Human Machine Interface for Autonomous Cars
Wang, Miao ;  Reuschenbach, Arturo ;  Ganjineh, Tinosch ;  Göhring, Daniel

Main titleiDriver - Human Machine Interface for Autonomous Cars
AuthorWang, Miao
AuthorReuschenbach, Arturo
AuthorGanjineh, Tinosch
AuthorGöhring, Daniel
No. of Pages6 S.
Keywordsautonomous; car; iPad; remote control; driver assistance; spirit of berlin; made in germany
Classification (DDC)005 Computer programming, programs, data
004 Data processing and Computer science
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AbstractModern cars are equipped with a variety of sensors, advanced driver assistance systems and user interfaces nowadays. To benefit from these systems and to optimally support the driver in his monitoring and decision making process, efficient human-machine interfaces play an important part. This paper describes the second release of iDriver, an iPad software solution which was developed to navigate and remote control autonomous cars, to give access to live sensor data and useful data about the car state, as there are, e.g., current speed, engine and gear state. The software was used and evaluated in our two fully autonomous research cars “Spirit of Berlin” and “Made in Germany”.
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FU DepartmentDepartment of Mathematics and Computer Science
Year of publication2011
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