Methodological biases
Hurtienne, Thomas ;  Kaufmann, Götz ;  Kaufmann, Götz

Main titleMethodological biases
SubtitleInglehart's world value survey and Q methodology
AuthorHurtienne, Thomas
AuthorKaufmann, Götz
EditorKaufmann, Götz
No. of Pages29 S.
Series Methods of field research ; 3
Classification (DDC)301 Sociology and anthropology
310 General statistics
AbstractThe study of human behavior has become central concern for social scientific studies, in particular to better understand and frame complex reality in different fields. This article aims to compare two methods to analyze, how people think, believe, and act in regards to a certain topic: Inglehart's World Value Survey (WVS) and Q Methodology (Q). Whilst WVS displays behavior proportions of a representative sample, Q looks for the differences in field of choice. Both attempt to reveal contemporary discourses, and both are using quantitative measures to do so, large n scale factor analysis in case of the WVS and the inverted bell curve in Q Methodology. We want to show Pros and Cons of these two methods, which have become so useful for social scientific research.
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Year of publication2012
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