Eco-efficient fertilizers
Conrad, Jobst ;  ;  Forschungsstelle für Umweltpolitik (FFU), Freie Universität Berlin

Main titleEco-efficient fertilizers
Subtitlean environmental innovation organised by a corporation and promoted by technology policy
AuthorConrad, Jobst
InstitutionForschungsstelle für Umweltpolitik (FFU), Freie Universität Berlin
No. of PagesI, 24 S.
Series FFU-report : [20]00-03
Classification (DDC)600 Technology
AbstractThis case study investigates innovation processes and networks around the
development and market introduction of a new eco-efficient fertilizer. The innovation
offers a technical-fix solution to combine effective fertilizer application in modern
agriculture and horticulture with environmental protection by reducing nitrogen losses
with the help of ammonium stabilisators that show no significant (eco-)toxicological
effects. The case study describes the period 1995 - 1999 relevant for this
environmental innovation. Just those actors with the scientific competences required
belonged to a loose innovation network which one could expect to participate in a
cooperative R&D project with rather strict labour division, well coordinated and cofunded
by BASF as its key actor. The innovation process met no serious obstacles in
its technical and its social dimension, though finally some retardation in its time
dimension, concerning licensing of the new fertilizer. Willingness to compromise was
prevalent in case of diverging actor interests, and substantial controversy could be
hardly found in the whole innovation process. Respective actors in environmental,
technology, and agricultural policy cared for more or less appropriate framework
conditions of the innovation project but were hardly involved themselves in the genuine
innovation network. Technology policy cared for launching and co-funding the project
developing eco-efficient fertilizers especially for economic reasons. Concerning the
main research question of the case study, no serious attempts of substantive
interpolicy coordination of environmental policy and ecology-oriented technology policy
could be identified.
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Year of publication2000
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