Strategic or status quo-preserving business exit
Decker, Carolin ;  Bresser, Rudi K. F. ;  Mellewigt, Thomas ;  ;  Universität <Berlin, Freie Universität> / Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaft

Main titleStrategic or status quo-preserving business exit
Subtitle(how) do CEO turnover and succession matter?
AuthorDecker, Carolin
AuthorBresser, Rudi K. F.
AuthorMellewigt, Thomas
EditorUniversität <Berlin, Freie Universität> / Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaft
No. of Pages39 S.
Series ; 2010,25 : Strategic Management
Classification (DDC)650 Management and auxiliary services
AbstractBusiness exit has implications for a firm’s corporate strategy. Two types of exit events are distinguished: those that involve strategic change and those that are status quo-preserving. This study investigates the impact of CEO turnover and succession on strategic versus status quo-preserving business exits. Based on a sample of CEO turnover and succession events and subsequent business exits of German corporations from different industries, our results suggest that neither voluntary nor involuntary CEO turnover is relevant to business exit. In contrast, outsider succession significantly affects the likelihood of strategic business exit, while a corporation’s performance does not moderate this relationship.
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