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The grown-up in infant's clothing
Holtfrerich, Carl-Ludwig ;  John-F.-Kennedy-Institut für Nordamerikastudien <Berlin>

Main titleThe grown-up in infant's clothing
Subtitlethe U.S. protectionist relapse in the interwar period
AuthorHoltfrerich, Carl-Ludwig
InstitutionJohn-F.-Kennedy-Institut für Nordamerikastudien <Berlin>
No. of Pages49, 9 S.
Edition/VersionElektronische Version der gedr. Ausg. 1989
Series Working paper / John-F.-Kennedy-Institut für Nordamerikastudien ; 19 : Abteilung für Wirtschaft
Classification (DDC)973 General history of North America; United States
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FU DepartmentJohn-F.-Kennedy-Institute, Department of Economics
Year of publication2010
Type of documentBook
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