Governance with/out Government
Börzel, Tanja A. ;  DFG Research Center (SFB) 700 Governance in Areas of Limited Statehood - New Modes of Governance?

Main titleGovernance with/out Government
Subtitlefalse promises or flawed premises?
AuthorBörzel, Tanja A.
InstitutionDFG Research Center (SFB) 700 Governance in Areas of Limited Statehood - New Modes of Governance?
No. of Pages30 S.
Series SFB Governance working paper series / Englische Ausgabe ; 23
Classification (DDC)320 Political science
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AbstractGovernance with/out government has emerged as an alternative or functional equivalent to
government. While there seems to be an increasing demand, the promise of governance to
compensate for the weakness or failure of government rests on a major premise. Governments
have to be strong enough so that non-governmental actors have an incentive to cooperate,
and governments are not afraid of being captured. If this premise held, it would result
in a serious dilemma for areas of limited statehood: The greater the demand for governance
with/out government, the less likely it is to emerge and to be effective, precisely because
government is weak.
This paper explores to what extent government and statehood are necessary to make governance
with/out government work. It discusses various options of how to commit non-governmental
actors to the provision of common goods without a shadow of hierarchy cast by
government and concludes with suggestions for future research on governance beyond statehood.
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Other affiliation(s)Sonderforschungsbereich Governance in Räumen begrenzter Staatlichkeit - Neue Formen des Regierens?
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