Business engineering building blocks
Shishkov, Boris ;  Kotlarsky, Julia ;  Hinze, Annika ;  Doctoral Consortium of the Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering <9, 2002, Toronto>

Main titleBusiness engineering building blocks
AuthorShishkov, Boris
EditorKotlarsky, Julia
EditorHinze, Annika
No. of Pages12 S.
Series Freie Universität Berlin, Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik : Ser. B, Informatik ; [20]02,13
Classification (DDC)004 Data processing and Computer science
AbstractIn order to utilize the contemporary advanced technology, business processes need
sound software support. With respect to this, one frequent cause of software project
failure is the mismatch between the business requirements and the actual functionality of
the delivered software application. To solve this problem, it is necessary to build software
stemming out from a business process model. Aiming at aligning business process
modeling and software design in a component-based way, the proposed research
investigates the identification of generic business engineering building blocks and their
use for building ICT applications which effectively support business processes.
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FU DepartmentDepartment of Mathematics and Computer Science
Other affiliation(s)Institut für Informatik
Year of publication2002
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