Dynamic management for business processes modeling & execution in workflows
Golani, Mati ;  Hinze, Annika ;  Herden, Olaf ;  Doctoral Consortium of the Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering <8, 2001, Interlaken>

Main titleDynamic management for business processes modeling & execution in workflows
AuthorGolani, Mati
EditorHinze, Annika
EditorHerden, Olaf
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Series Freie Universität Berlin, Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik : Ser. B, Informatik ; [20]01,04
Classification (DDC)004 Data processing and Computer science
AbstractContemporary workflow-management systems cannot represent change or
evolution of business processes. When a change is needed due to external reason, an
offline procedure is invoked in order to create a new workflow engine template for the
future instances in the workflow enactment module.
The standard interfaces do not deal with the business process metadata in a way that can
actually change it as a reaction to inbound knowledge. There are many relevant cases,
especially in the virtual enterprise arena, where the business process is not deterministic
and is influenced by external parameters (such as the selection of virtual partners), so the
knowledge of what should be done is available, however it is external to the system.
There is a need to develop a modeling mechanism that enables to transfer process
definitions in an automatic way, without the need for human interference. One way of
confronting with these issues is the use of a rule-based engine to monitor business process
execution. This engine will contain internal meta-rules that refer to metadata entities, i.e.
rules that describe how to act on other rules (business process routing) when a change is
detected, while executing all needed consistency checks.
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