Performance implications of CEO dismissals
Bresser, Rudi K. F. ;  Valle Thiele, Reynaldo ;  Biedermann, Annette ;  Lüdeke, Holger ;  Institut für Management <Berlin, Freie Universität>

Main titlePerformance implications of CEO dismissals
Subtitleevidence from a stakeholder environment ; presented at the 25th annual international conference Strategic Management Society, 2005, Orlando, USA
AuthorBresser, Rudi K. F.
AuthorValle Thiele, Reynaldo
AuthorBiedermann, Annette
AuthorLüdeke, Holger
InstitutionInstitut für Management <Berlin, Freie Universität>
No. of Pages9 S.
Series Diskussionsbeiträge des Instituts für Management; 2005/28
Keywordsexecutive succession, dismissals, corporate governance
Classification (DDC)330 Economics
AbstractBased on a sample of large, publicly traded German companies, we study performance implications of CEO dismissals. We find that measures of accounting performance are good predictors of CEO dismissal events: Low pre-succession accounting performance increases the probability of dismissals. However, replacement CEOs do not manage to turn things around because they do not experience significant increases in either operating or market performance during a two-year post-succession period.
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FU DepartmentDepartment Business and Economics
Other affiliation(s)Institut für Management
Year of publication2005
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