How to capture non-Western forms of governance
Draude, Anke ;  DFG Research Center (SFB) 700 Governance in Areas of Limited Statehood - New Modes of Governance?

Main titleHow to capture non-Western forms of governance
SubtitleIn favour of an equivalence functionalist observation of governance in areas of limited statehood
AuthorDraude, Anke
InstitutionDFG Research Center (SFB) 700 Governance in Areas of Limited Statehood - New Modes of Governance?
No. of Pages14. S
Series SFB Governance working paper series / Englische Ausgabe ; 2
Classification (DDC)321 Systems of governments and states
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AbstractThis article problematises the idea of the Western concept of governance being applied to areas outside the OECD world. The aim of this article is to develop a research approach which is appropriate for these areas. To this end the article first of all casts light on Eurocentric premises of the concept of governance. It deals with the central dichotomy between state and private actors. The omnipresence of this differentiation is then explained with the help of Foucault‘s, Luhmann‘s and Derrida‘s (de-)constructivist theories. Assuming that Eurocentrism is inevitable, but that it has a varying degree of influence on the observer, the author then outlines an equivalence functionalist approach to governance research, which poses questions about the nature of a task performed, about the “way” in which it is performed and by “whom”. In this way, European dichotomies with regard to actors and modes of action in governance can be avoided.
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FU DepartmentDepartment of Political and Social Sciences
Other affiliation(s)Sonderforschungsbereich Governance in Räumen begrenzter Staatlichkeit - Neue Formen des Regierens?
Year of publication2007
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