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Publication Agreement between the Author of an Open Access document and Universitätsbibliothek of the FU

Before a document can be made freely available and distributed via the Institutional Repository of the FU, a signed copy of the publication agreement between the author and the Universitätsbibliothek of the FU must be in the hands of the library. The publication agreement is a legal safeguard for both signatories.
Please fill out and sign two copies of the publication agreement and send them both to the UB within thirty days after submitting your document. One copy will be returned to you (by FU internal mail service, if possible). Notice: The publication agreement is not necessary for Free Open Access publications

Download Publication Agreement

The editors of the Institutional Repository recommend that you use the agreement attached to the email confirming receipt from the UB. This has the advantage that metadata information will already be included in your publication agreement which saves you entering it again.

For legal reasons the German language Agreement has to be signed. The English translation is for information purposes only and not legally binding - although we have translated the Agreement to the best of our knowledge.

Publications on the Institutional Repository of the FU are archived indefinitely by the UB, and indexed for retrieval via the FU Digital Library, catalogs, or search engines. Thus publications in this repository are just as accessible as printed publications and can be cited in exactly the same way. Revised versions may be deposited and are treated as new editions. The UB editors reserve the right to remove any item in the event of legal conflict.