Technical Information


You require a standard browser; e.g., Mozilla Seamonkey, Firefox, Internet Explorer 7.0 have been tested for compatibility. Optimal viewing is 1024 x 768 resolution or higher.

Java for uploading your data

When submitting your document you can upload individual files or directories of any size. For this the Java File Upload Applet is used. The current version uses Java 5.0 and upper version.
Even without installing Java it is possible to upload a total of three files with 20 MB for each upload max. at the same time.

Document formats

We only accept the following formats:

Text formats:

  • PDF files (*.pdf)
  • Html files (*.html)
  • XML files (*.xml), insofar as a DTD (*.dtd) or an XML schema (*.xsd) has been used
  • Text-Files (i.e. *.txt., *.dat.,*.py,*.java etc.)

Image formats:

  • PNG files (*.png)
  • JPEG files (*.jpg)
  • GIF files (*.gif)

To convert files to .pdf format, download a free .pdf creator, e.g.:

Fingerprints/hash values of documents

Hash values are commonly used to verify the original state of a file (click details). One practical application is to download a file where the author has stated the hash value: to check wether there have been transmission errors, it is not necessary to download the file a second time - one only has to calculate the hash value and then compare it with that given on the institutional repository

Download retrieved documents as .zip files

It is possible to download files in a compressed form, as .zip files. The advantages are faster download and that they take up less disk space. Click on "ZIP generieren" and save the file(s) to your hard disk. To view the files unpack them first (usually by double click).


For document submission the session timeout is set to 30 minutes; that is, if there is no activity for half an hour the user will be automatically logged off. Then it is not possible for you to access and work on any saved document again.


The Institutional Repository of the FU was realized with the open source software MyCoRe.