Dokumentenserver der Freien Universität Berlin

Additional upload

Here you can upload files after you have been requested to do so by Dissertation Online, for example in order to exchange files. For that, metadata have to exist already. If possible, please choose a specific file name, for example: diss_mueller.pdf

Uploading one or more files

After you have finished entering the description of your document you have three options:
“Print”, “Edit” (i.e., back to the document description), or “Continue,” which takes you to “Upload files:”


Next, click “Attach data object”:


You will be presented with a screen which allows you to upload 1–3 files (total: 20 MB) plus a Java applet for a comfort upload of more than one file or folder simultaneously:


Locate the file on your computer that you wish to upload by clicking on the “Browse” button, double-click on the file, and attach it to your document description by clicking on “Save”.

You can continue to upload more files as before and attach them to your document description. When you have uploaded all necessary files, click on “Finish submission.”

By using the Java Fileupload Applet you can upload simultaneously any number of marked files or folders. For this Java 1.5 needs to be installed on your computer.

Caution:For security reason this applet is not usable in some cases, mainly for users from Charite. Please, use the normal upload screen, if necessary, repeat this procedure.