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Short Instructions for Authors

FU membership

All members of the FU are eligible to deposit their scientific and scholarly publications with the open access document and publication server, also known as an institutional repository or eprint archive. Submission is online only for FU members. Students are required to submit a written letter of recommendation from their tutor. Former FU members, guest lecturers, and FU staff members who are not listed in the FU university calendar are also welcome to submit publications. These authors are requested to provide documentation of former FU membership, such as year of appearance in the FU university calendar, written confirmation by their former department, or similar.

Electronic submission of publications

Currently dissertations and habilitations are submitted to:

If you wish to deposit an item on the document and publication server click on Submission of a new document under Authors. A personal login is not required; you are immediately assigned the status of an author. Please fill out the online form giving a detailed description (metadata) of your item.

Important: You are the copyright holder of or hold rights to use the item; please contact any coauthors or copyright holders of graphic material included and request permission to deposit the item on the document and publication server. The rights of third parties must not be infringed.

To accept your item we need a signed copy of the Open Access Publication Agreement (German only) from you; please mail it to us within 30 days after online submission of your document. Your Author's Rights remain unaffected.

Please realize that the publication agreement is not necessary in case of Free Open Access documents.

You should avoid any password protection in your document, exspecially in PDF-documents. Otherwise it is not possible to garantee for a long time preservation of the document.


  1. Enter metadata
    In the online form under Submission of a New Document please describe your document in detail. This has to do with search functions and enhances the retrievability of your document. This is also where you may enter a reference to a Creative Commons License (see Authors' Rights and Copyrights). Mandatory fields are marked *. If necessary the UB will round out the metadata to bring it up to standard. On the right of the form are help function buttons which provide more details about the fields.
  2. Saving and correcting metadata
    You can only correct or delete saved data during the session. Once you quit, corrections can only be made by the UB's editors.
  3. Upload file(s
    The next step is to upload the files on your computer to the Institutional Repository of the FU. There is no limit on the number of files you can upload. The upload dialog box allows you to link documents, objects, or entire directories via applet.
    Your document is not yet accessible; once we have received your Open Access Publication Agreement and the UB has checked your submission, the process is complete and we will put your document on the server.
  4. Email confirmation of receipt and Open Access Publication Agreement
    You will receive an email from the UB confirming receipt of your document. Attached will be an Open Access Publication Agreement, which you fill out, print out, sign, and send to the UB, except Free Open Access documents.
  5. On public view
    The UB editors archive your Open Access Publication Agreement and check the metadata and document. After this process is complete your document will be publicly available on the institutional repository/open access archive. A copy of the Open Access Publication Agreement will be sent to the author(s); if possible, by FU internal mail service.
  6. Entry in the "System zur Erfassung von Publikationen (SEP)"
    The elecrtonic publication will be recorded as soon as possible by the editors in the "System zur Erfassung von Publikationen (SEP)".


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